Biothane Nosework/Scent Work Training Leads

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Biothane is a revolutionary new webbing which has a strong webbing membrane and a soft outer coating. This is a B07 webbing, giving it a 320 kg, per 25mm of width, breaking strength. It feels smooth and soft to both hands and fur.

It is easier to maintain than leather or webbing, is much stronger and if it gets wet just let it dry or dry it off with a towel.

Will not collect dirt or snag on branches or undergrowth. Easy to manoeuvre around tables, chairs etc.

Available in various widths and lengths.

ADJ next to the colour indicates it is a very soft to handle lead with small ridges down each side. 

 Some leads have a covering over the rivets, in the description this will show as two colours, eg, Black and Red, which is a black lead with a red covering.